12th Wartburg Symposium

on Flavor Chemistry & Biology

Scientific Program

The meeting is designated to provide an integrative approach for modern research in the field. The program will contain about ten plenary lectures, 22 short talks, 12 flash poster presentations, and about 60 posters.

The presentation of the posters will be organized in two guided poster sessions and the best poster will be awarded. Because the space for participants is limited to about 150 persons, the organizers will send invitations to attend the symposium primarily based on the submission of an acceptable abstract.

However, there is also space for people who only want to attend. The following are the main subject areas for which papers will be invited:

Technical Program (PDF)

Keynote Speakers Introducing Symposium Topics

Paolo Carloni (Computational Biomedicine, Juelich Research Center, Germany):
Ligand specificity across bitter taste receptors

Inge Depoortere (Gastrointestinal Disorder Center, KU Leuven, Belgium):
Chemosensory signalling of nutrients and non-nutrients in the gut: clinical relevance


Maarten A. Jongsma (Bioscience, Wageningen University & Research):
Tongue- and nose-on-a-chip development

Joel Mainland (Monell Chemical Senses Center, USA):
Predicting olfactory receptor responses to mixtures using a competitive binding model

Lindley Nic (Biotransformation Innovation Platform, A*Star Singapore):
Metabolic engineering strategy for sustainable flavor and fragrance synthesis

Karl-Heinz Engel (General Food Technology, TU Munich, Germany):
Chirality – an important phenomenon regarding biosynthesis, perception and authenticity of flavour compounds

Veronika Somoza (Physiological Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria):
Emerging role of extra-oral chemoreceptors for the identification of bitter taste active compounds

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