11th Wartburg Symposium

on Flavor Chemistry & Biology

11th Wartburg Symposium on Flavor Chemistry & Biology

Eisenach, Germany, June 21 – 24, 2016

Cutting-edge research in taste and smell returns once more to the beautiful “Hotel on the Wartburg” in Eisenach, Germany. Since its inception in 1978, the Wartburg Symposium on Flavor Chemistry & Biology has convened every three years. It is today firmly established as an internationally leading, top-tier forum for distinguished scientists and rising stars from academia and industry to discussing cutting-edge advances, emerging challenges, and sweet spots emerging at the vivid intersection of odor/taste chemistry and sensory science with biology, neurophysiology, nutrition, post-genomic (genetics, biotechnology) and advanced imaging technologies.

The organizers and the Wartburg Stiftung Eisenach would like to invite experts in different areas of smell, taste, and health-related research. The scientific program will comprise keynote lectures given by distinguished scientists from academia and industry from around the world, scientific talks, flash poster presentations, and posters in the following main subject areas:


Prof. Dr. T. Hofmann
PD Dr. D. Krautwurst
Prof. Dr. P. Schieberle

Important dates

Payment of symposium fee:
March 31, 2016

June 21 - 24, 2016


11th Wartburg Flavor Symposium
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